What is VStory?

Want to create interaction with your audience?

Vstory is a leading image recognition based platform that is robust and easy-to-use. Made up of a user application and content management system (CMS - the Storyteller), Vsotry allows you to create an experience that tells your story and engage your audience.

The Vstory User Application

The Vstory app connects the physical and the digital worlds using augmented reality and the Smart-phone device. Vstory offers an experience that can be both educational and fun – depending only on the choice of content. * Create your own white label application. Talk to us to find out more.

The Vstory Storyteller Content Management System (CMS)

At the heart of the Vstory App is a patent pending system that recognizes the scanned image and links it to relevant content. The Storyteller is where you upload the content that tells your object's story and choose the media through which you're going to tell it (PDF, video, link to website and so much more). The Storyteller is an easy to use platform onto which a set of images and associated content is quickly and easily uploaded and updated.

At a glance

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